Viswanathan Anand – The World Rapid Chess Champion


On Thursday, India’s and One Of the world’s Best Chess Player Vishwanathan Anand claimed the World’s Rapid chess Champion title by winning the Tournament in Saudi Arabea by beating Russia’s Vladimir Fedoseev in the final with 2-0 in a two game Breaker.A win against his arch-rival Magnus Carlsen in the ninth round seemed to have spurred him and it was the crucial moment for him in the tournament.

“The crucial moment was the win against Magnus Carlsen. Because he had come back after a defeat against Bu Xiangzhi. He seemed to be in great form, as always.

“He has this amazing ability to win games on demand where he is just able to pull together these long streak (of wins). So at that moment I must admit I felt he was favourite for the final few rounds,” Anand said.

The 48-year-old said he felt good on the first day of the tournament as he played well and it reminded him of his glory days.”It was on the first day I felt I was playing well. It was as if time had stood still. I was back in time a few years when I was dominating rapid chess tournaments. That gave me a lot of confidence. On top of that, I beat Peter Leko in a very nice game. I was in a good frame of mind,” he added.

It was not as good year for the 48 year Old man who was suffered from critics for low performances in the recent pasts in various tournaments. But the climax of the year settled all, He hit them all back in his own style by winning the title .Anand expresses his views  on winning the Title on his twitter handle by tweeting  “Thanks all!! Feeling is like floating. My head keeps playing the song… we are the champions! The words ring so true. More on this moment after the blitz!”

After Proclaiming the Title Congratulatory messages were in queue for him from the World Champion Garry Kasparov, next from the country President Ramnath Kovind and union Sports Minister rajya Vardhjan Singht Rathore and many more

“Congratulations to the man from the sixties, @vishy64theking, on his World Rapid title! I hope you dedicated this latest victory to everyone who has asked you when you were going to retire!” wrote Kasparov.

“Congratulations Viswanathan Anand for winning the World Rapid Chess Championship. Such determined pursuit of excellence across decades makes you an inspiration for all of us. India is proud of you” President Ramnath Kovind.

Anand is back on the title was been Praised by the countrymen,rival and his fans worldwide which always motivate  him during the tough times in his Upcoming tournaments.this Championship Journey of Anand also motivate other Indian Chess Brigade who were there in the competition ,P Harikrishna (finished in 16th place), Surya Shekhar Ganguly (60th), Santosh Gujrathi Vidit (61st), B Vadibhan (65th), SP Sethuraman (96th), to perform better in the upcoming Tournaments..








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