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Shivraj Singh Chouhan was born in the family of Prem Singh Chouhan and his wife Sundar Bai Chouhan in the Jait village of Sehore District. He is an agriculturist by profession. He was married to Sadhna Singh and they have two sons Kartrikey and Kunal.

His early political career can be defined as up to the point of his first election to the Lok Sabha. He was elected President of the Model School Students Union in 1975. In 1976-77, he participated in underground movement against Emergency and was imprisoned in Bhopal Jail for some time.

He was chosen to become the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh on 30 November 2005.On 12 December 2008, he was sworn in for his second term. He was also elected as Chief Minister of MP for third term.Major Agenda Of his ministry & Govt. is to work For Poor, Infrastructure, women and Child welfare, Farmer Enhancement. Recently his Govt.proposed the “Death Penalty” for raping the Girl below and upto 12 of the major decision taken by any government in Indian History for Women safety .


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