In a romantically titled show, the Badshaah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is all set do what he does best – charm women and unveil the secrets behind their beauty. As the stage is set for the king of hearts to have a heart-to-heart chat with Bollywood’s leading ladies, the first to take a seat opposite him is Bollywood’s current reigning queen- DeepikaPadukone, who matched wits, ingenuity, honesty and dimples (for real!) with the superstar!

When Bollywood’s dimpled No.1’s are in the house- DÉJÀ VU is what we get. Om’s undying admiration for an icon to Meenamma’s strikingly funny quips and actions- Baatein with the Badshah and Deepika is nothing short of a roller coaster ride of fun, emotions, camaraderie and even tears! YES, TEARS.

Out of the many ‘Baatein’ to stand out or knowing a certain Ms. Padukone of Bollywood her candidness would rather be even NOT surprising for her biggest fans. Not one to play safe, when she asked what attracts her to roles she chose to candidly share, “There was a time at the start of my career when I felt if there were big banners, a superstar name’s name attached, it would make sense to do that project”. But a piece of advice given by King Khan changed the way how Deepika giving her nod to movies. The bond from a once upon industry outsider who rose to rule over movies to another industry outsider who is also ruling the roost- the similarities between Badshaah and the Queen are striking, morever taking his advice and coming out a ruler. Here is to leave you wondering what that advice was!

Not one to let success go to her head, the actress is very self- aware as she points out “Jahakahimeinhoonaajislyehoonkyunkimeinebohotmehnatkihain. I have learnt whatever I know- all on the set, on the job. Some things I have done right, some may have gone wrong” Deepika had some interesting things to say about her weaknesses and criticism “Jo bhi mere andarkamiyaanthimaine us par kaamkiyahain. Aurbhibaakihain. Aurbhi achieve karnabaakihain”.Deepika, the diva says she is a work in progress-inspiration much!SRK himself had many fan moments for Deepika, one of which is when he said “The way she holds herself and how she does things with a smile, I really learn a lot of things when Deepika is with me”. Deepika really is ‘more than you can see.’

Not only SRK, there were many more industry fans, who shared their messages and wrote Deepika fan letters. But there was one fan letter that got the doe eyed beauty teary eyed. Only time till the telecast will tell who the fan letter was from! Rightfully named the show was all about BAATEIN- intense BAATEIN, emotional BAATEIN and funny BAATEIN that showed us that there is more to this beauty than what meets the eye.

The chat show Lux Golden Divas – Baatein with the Badshaah celebrates the reigning ladies of Bollywood, and will lead up to the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2017. Next in line are said to be a mix of mesmerizing faces like Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Katrina Kaif. Watch out for Lux Golden Divas – BaateinWith TheBadshaah starting 25th November onwards, every Saturday at 10 30pm and every Sunday at 1pm on Star Plus and Hotstar.

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