Jiji Maa to become Charlie Chaplin


Tanvi Dogra, who plays the role of Jiji Maa in Star Bharat’s popular show, Jiji Maa, added another feather to her cap when she played the role of Charlie Chaplin.

In the upcoming episode, Tanvi tries to woo her sister, who is upset from her, by donning the costume of her favorite character, Charlie Chaplin. She learnt all his traits and tried to laugh, walk and mimic him.

She became an entertaining mascot and everyone on the sets started taking selfies and photos with her. She indeed had the time of her life with such an amusing experience, which gave her a break from all the drama scenes.

On being asked, she said, “It was an amazing experience. I got to learn the famous dance of Charlie Chaplin. The way he walked, the way he talked, the way he held his stick, I tried copying everything. It was fun to be in his attire. I love dancing and hence loved the dance sequence, we shot after that.”

On being asked how tough it was to mimic the legend, she says, “I tried mimicking him and of course could not even match his comic timing. I realized it is a very tough job to even mimic him.”

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