Bhima-Koregaon villagers Slams India-Breaking Brigade,said – There is no problem here,all are meeting together

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As the violence occurred in Maharashtra in the past days, and the level of stress that it spread, seeing at least the intellectual person will also tell that there is some conspiracy in it. There is no bigger and vicious brain behind this, Dalit people cannot do Like this because they never did this in the last 200 years.

This entire dispute is about the war on 1 January 1818, which was fought between the British and Peshwa Bajirao II in Koregaon Bhima. The British had defeated the Peshwa in this war. Most importantly, a large number of Dalits were also involved in the East India Company’s army. In order to celebrate his victory in that war, the program was organized by the Dalit community in Pune.

So, what is being attempted to break India again in the name of independence?

Let’s understand its depth before coming to any conclusion. On the day when Jignesh Mewani and Omar Khalid were called in the program held on the anniversary of the Bhima-Koregaon War, many political pundits had realized that there was something going wrong! Now think only why would anyone call Umar Khalid in such event? Such a person who had made bold anti-India slogans at a place like JNU, Who has lobbied terrorists plotting attacks on Indian Parliament like Afzal Guru.

There is another way to think about this thing. Now it is not that this event was done for the first time, but it has been done for years. But then why did this violence spread this time? You can also link it directly to Jignesh and especially the presence of Umar Khalid in this program.And if you focus on the kind of flags that were hoisted during the violence and the kind of slogans that place, then it will look like it may involve involvement of Naxalites and Islamic organizations too.

Watch the video carefully, it also speaks a lot,Which is alarming

It means that all of this has already been created. And also that the Dalits have been used like pawns only, and the real mastermind is sitting somewhere else making strategy to break India on the basis of Caste.

Apart From all this Today A great Statement stated by the Bhima-Koregaon Village, We will not burn our own houses and cars; inflict atrocities on our mothers and sisters. There is no caste problem here. There are Muslims, Dalits, and Marathas here and we all live together peacefully:member,GramPanchayat Koregaon Bhima in Pune.









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