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Arvind Kejriwal was born on 16 August in Siwani,Bhiwani district,Haryana,the first of the three children of Gobind Ram Kejriwal and Gita Devi. His father was an electrical engineer.In 1995, Arvind married Sunita,a1993-batch IRS officer.The couple have a daughter named Harshita, and a son named Pulkit.Kejriwal is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, and worked in the Indian Revenue Service as a Joint Commissioner of the Income Tax Department in New Delhi.

One of the major criticisms directed at the Jan Lokpal activists was that they had no right to dictate terms to the elected representatives. As a result, Kejriwal and other activists decided to enter politics and contest elections. In November 2012, they formally launched the Aam Aadmi Party;Kejriwal was elected as the party’s National Convener and the party won in the 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly election. Following the election,he took office as the Chief Minister of Delhi on 28 December 2013. He resigned 49 days later,on 14 February 2014He is well known for his unprecedented actions after the conclusion of the 2014 elections, where he used letters to interact with the public, to ask for their opinions on the party with whom he should form a coalition, to form the government.

Kejriwal  led AAP to win 67 of the 70 constituencies in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections. On 14 February 2015,He was sworn in as Chief Minister for a second term after winning the election. As of March, 2016 Kejriwal has 6 active defamation cases against him in addition to 3 still in application phase.Kejriwal also in his own affidavit to Election Directorate before the second term elections in 2015 declared that he has 10 criminal charges and 47 total charges against him.


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